Our measures are based on directives issued by the Ministry of Public Health and the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT):

Aircraft cleaning:

- THAI Smile professional cleaning teams will embark on a Disinfection Routine of our aircrafts, which includes a deep clean of multiple touchpoints using industrial-strength cleaning agents. This includes Passenger Seat Pocket, Aircraft Interior Cabin, Passenger Seat, Galley, Toilets, and is done at the end of every work day.

- Our passenger cabins and cockpits are sprayed with disinfectants. The aircraft undergoes disinfection for a total of 45 minutes, beginning from the moment that the last cabin crew member disembarks the aircraft, and is done at the end of every work day.

- Aircraft Seat Headrest Covering are changed at the end of every flight.

- Our aircrafts use HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arresters) aircraft filtration system, that which is able fill out 99.999% of airborne contaminants, such as viruses and bacteria, and also dust particles. We would like to assure you that THAI Smile aircrafts has the highest level of air cabin quality. HEPA offers a similar level of perforrmance to filtration systems used in industrial clean rooms and hospital operating areas.


- We do temperature screenings at our check-in counter and boarding gate.

- Temperature checks are conducted for our cabin crew after each of their shift.

- There will be availability of hand sanitizers provided at each touchpoint for our customers and employees, which includes check-in counter, our lounge, boarding gate, and in the aircraft.

- Our boarding cabin crew is briefed regularly and consistently on the most up-to-date guidelines when it comes to Hygiene and Safety Regulations.

- We have contactless web and mobile check-in processes to reduce human contact when you check in and board the plane.


- We will observe seat distancing, for guests to have #SocialDistancing from each other, under cabin crew’s guidance

- We will ensure Seat Distancing for booking reserved within 16 June 2020, and travel period within 31 July 2020

- No food or drink is provided or allowed on board, to avoid taking the mask off, instead, we'll be embarking on handling off Hygiene Kits instead

- We have embarked on rigorous training for our crew to be able to handle well medical situations, such as handling of customers who may feel unwell or sick

- All cabin crew will be in protective equipment including masks and gloves, to and from risk areas

What you can do as our beloved guests:

- We would like to recommend for all guests to bring, and wear their masks properly throughout their whole travel journey, which includes pre-flight and check in, in-flight, and post-flight, during Bag Collection as well.

- To ensure all pre-flight processes takes place smoothly and efficiently, we would recommend our guests to arrive early at the airport - preferably 3 hours before your flight departs.

- Please observe the universally recommended protective precautionary measures, including washing your hands regularly, not touching your face, and practising high personal hygiene.